Getting hold of a VFR800A8 fairing set?

Hey guys,

Just before christmas (xmas eve to be specific) some idiot vandalised my bike at a local petrol station. Thankfully there’s no structural damage but the fairing took a beating. I’m pretty POed as I’ve only had the bike about 6 months so I want to get the fairing swapped.

I’m trying to source a set of VFR800A8 fairing set in black but if I want to go official I’m looking at a couple of grand which seems insane.

Does anyone have anytips? I’m currently keeping my eye on fleebay but nothing has turned up yet

get them from china. they’ll not be perfect but they’ll be good enough and look like normal ones from the outside:

Yeah I’ve looked at these but I’m worried that they’ll be totally s***. That said with a potential outlay of 2k+ I may as well buy a new bike.

I know a couple of people on here who’ve bought them and the only problems were like mounting points not lining up exactly etc.

Which fairing you after, I have spares (original) and I know a good cheap painter.

I’m after the top, LHS + RHS. My RHS isn’t to rough and the damage is mostly to the bottom. The LHS and Top on the other hand went down pretty hard and has some nice rash :confused:

I have RHS and Solo tail conversion.

I can recomend a very good painter who fixed mine to factory condition for a very good price. Over in Essex though.

Cheers mate, I’ll PM you