Getting footage from my video camera to my pc

I want to try and get some footage from my Sony handy cam onto my pc. Any clever people on here that can tell me if it can be done?

My camera runs HI 8 cassettes and the camera has the following outputs:

S Video out

A/V out

RFU DC out

Now I don’t think I can hook it up to my pc but does anyone know if I can?

Hi8 cameras are quite old now (no offence) so won’t have an easy solution. First of all I’d suggest checking over your PC to see which inputs you have on it. If you don’t have a video one, do you have a firewire, etc etc.

If you don’t have a video card but you do have a firewire then you need to invest in something like Formac StudioDV Analogue / Digital, Digital / Analogue Converter External Mac Firewire. This will convert your analog video into DV so you can load it into your computer.

Failing that I’ll transfer it to DVD or HD for you.

Having recently used a mini DV camera, i got footage onto my PC by connecting the camera using a FireWire to my pc. I think that was connected to the S video out. Hope that helps Tel.

I have got a firewire port on my pc and video editing software too. So maybe I just need to buy an S video to forewire cable. I will look into it.

Cheers for the help guys.

Your camera will need to support Firewire transfer for that to work. It’s a digital signal, where’as s-video is analogue (but split channels to increase definition and reduce signal interferance). It’s more likely that you’ll have to get a video capture cards for your computer, which will take in the analogue signal from your camera and allow you to record it on the computer.

MiniDV or PortableHD is the way to go really.

Cheers Jay.

I have just spoken to the bloke at jessops and he said there is an adapter that I need for this process to work. It’s 30 squid and transfers the analogue signal to digital. Might have to try that cause I have got some really good video footage that I would like to share with you all.