Getting burnt rubber / plastic off exhaust?

It was cold. I warmed my hands on the pipes (those SD standard cans get HOT) and now there is melted rubber / plastic on them. I am an idiot.

Any advice for getting it off? It’s baked on hard, I tried some WD40 and gentle scraping but that is not going to shift it.

Recommend warming them up and then trying? but then what do I scrape with? I don’t want to make it worse or scratch the pipes if poss.

Any advice from the LB hivemind?

Wooden spatula?

Why didn’t I think of that. I’ll try warming the pipes up and give it a go.

Warm it up and go at it GENTLY with a stanley blade scraper. Keep a good angle and you won’t scratch up your exhaust

Been there and done that …

Picked up several Tesco plastic bags on the Bonne’ pipes, eventually I let the engine warm up and carefully peeled off the blackened debris with a pair of tweezers. I tried a wooden spatula and found it was scratching the chrome. Took a little longer with the tweezers but it kept the chrome intact.

Carefully with a razor blade, then chrome polish (check your local harley dealer for this)

How did you get on with that ? We have a hot gun we use for loosening nuts bearings and decal removal . Perhaps something like that would help ?

Oven cleaner, about 2:30 into the video