Getting an Datatool certificate?

the new bike has a datatool 3 alarm fitted and mentioned this to the insurer, who is now asking for an copy of the immobiliser certificate.

I wasnt provided with any documents of the alarm being fitted… :ermm:

i dont suppose the insurer will take my word for it so how do i get a certificate?

if it’s a brand new bike the dealer will have the cert if not you may be able to contact datatool who should have the relevent paper work , you can then transfer it into your name

and the insuance company will need to see it , it depends on the type of bike though it may not make any differance to your premium

i have a datatool fitted that i installed myself so i have no certificate but becasue it’s not high risk bike it wouldn’t matter to the cost of the insurance wether i had it or not , so it’s just there for my peace of mind

its a used bike. I have contacted datatool and see what they say.

IIRC, Datatool should have a copy of the certificate from its original registration. Get some numbers off your bike and give them a call. If they do have the information but are unable to send anything due to Data Protection, then ask if the insurers can contact them directly…worth a try!

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