Getting a new bike

I want more power instead of upgrading the bandit engine i thourght why dont i just get a bike with the power. I want to get a gsxr 600 srad

what do you think if anyone knows the good and bad bits about them that would be a great help to me when i come to buying one thanks should be getting one within 3 weeks

there great bikes and more or less bomb prof…

has everything you need to know about GSXR’s go on the forum and have a look… theres a section just for 600 SRADS…

I think the 98 on injection is the best of them, if you can stretch to a K1-2-3 model GSXR 600 there are even better but your looking at 2 to 3 grand, 3 for a nice one.

Im going to keep the bandit i like it to much (streetfighters rule)


Ah sorry, droped off there and was dreaming of one of these! Really wicked bikes!!

Nice bike does it come with the same smoke affect arond it

bandits are wicked i have had 3 1200bandits and 1 600bandit
cant go wrong with them

OK ive made my mind up now and im sticking to it im going to get a gsxr need more power a my life

When you gonna buy it?

hopefully this weekend or next have to see how much money i will have after the f ing bills

lovely bike wish i could have one

i want a gsxr 600 k4 or k5, they ARE the nicest bike ever,

im guna stick with my fzr for the 2 year restriction then im guna go for a gsxr k4 600,