Getting a bike restricted

Once I do my test I’m thinking of getting a Bandit 600 and getting it restricted to 33bhp. Is there such a service whereby a mechanic could visit your home and fit the restrictor there ?

I’m thinking along the lines if I bought one second hand and had it delivered to my house, I wouldn’t be able to legally ride it to a dealership or garage to get the restricor fitted (if you know what I mean).
I have seen a couple of already restricted Bandits available but as they are so few and far between they tend to be a lot further away – and seem to go for more money !


I’m not sure about a mobile service but many bike dealers will pick up and drop your bike back for a small charge

Ask your local dealer AND trawl Praise or Shame forum

This should do the trick

Not sure about a mobile service, but I’m sure you could persuade someone to ride it to a garage or trailer it - that’s what I did for a mate of mine who needed his CBR400RR restricted.

I re-fitted the restrictors to scattymares Bandit 600, but that had already been previously restricted so it had the paperwork in place to say it was restricted… no doubt my services will be called upon in 8 days time (i think) to remove them again as her 2 years is up.

Ride unrestricted at your peril, you are likely to be uninsured and committing some sort of “driving otherise than in accordance with your licence” type offence… not that it seems to bother some people…

Alternatively check out the list of sub 33bhp bikes

this might be a stupid sugestion but why not spend the cash you would pay on restricting a bike on doing a DAS?

Cash is really tight mate, can’t afford the 500 odd for the DAS.
Couple of hundred max for the restirctor to be fitted, so if I can get a reasonably proced bandit I can do it (hopefully!)

Try calling these guys, £150 for new restrictor kit, about £80 to fit it, they can tell you all you want to know

Based in Edmonton so they are out your way

Tel1:020 8807 5269 . Tel2: 020 8807 3435

Cheers Trisckie - funnily enough I phoned them this morning to get a quote, £199 to restrict a bandit (including fitting) The guy sounded well shocked when I asked if they do a pick up service though !!!

Had an idea this morning though - if I find a bike I like and end up buying it, I can hire a van for 40 quid, pick up the bike from where ever I buy it from, then take it straight to somewhere that fits a restricter, then pick it up and ride home when it’s done !

Won’t be for a little while yet, not done my theory test yet (6th August).

That sounds odd.

I know for a fact that they have several pick up trucks between Edmonton and Waltham Cross M/C’s

They deliver bikes for people to take their CBT’s on all over the place.

I’m going into WX M/C’s tomorrow and will have a word with John Lock if he is in there.

Will let you know.

Oh, weird… unless he thought I meant someone come out and restrict it at my place or something ? I’m not always great at explaining myself very well !

Coming to think of it, I was there once and a blue pickup pulled out outside with a crashed scooter on the back, and I get the impression the van pickup driver was a member of staff.


I have spoken to John Lock.

Give him a call on 01992 625173 and he will pick your bike up personally and deliver it back when its done.

You must speak to him personally, say Andy sent you

Well… I haven’t even got it yet !
Cheers for speaking to the guy though, will give you a shout when the time comes.
Nice one.

No worries, Good Luck with your test anyway

Cheers mate