Get your motorcycle on the catwalk during London Fashionweek!

Get your motorcycle on the catwalk during London Fashionweek!

Who wants to be part of a fashion-happening at the Institut of Contemporary Arts in London?
We are a Berlin-based fashion brand and we are looking for some racing motorcycles for our installation.

We would need your bike (no riding, just posing) for 8h on Monday the 21st. Starting from 9am and ending at 5pm. What you have to do, is: - Bring your racing motorcycle and your helmet at 9am to The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH and get it back at the same place around 5pm. If you want to be part as a performer as well - even better!!


Err, are you asking people to give you their motorbikes for a whole day for free?

Lol. Probably want the keys too!!

What about insurance? Who will be moving it around? What if it gets damaged??

I would enter the fanny magnet
But I don’t think it could handle the attention

Is there dressing up involved? :slight_smile:

Save time go naked

How much you pay?


Ooh i can just see Fuggly doing its turn on the catwalk …

I had a long list of insults for the OP. but then I breathed a bit… When are PR firms going to start hiring people with brains to post stuff online?

But this is fashion, dahhhhling. Having brains is a definite no-no.

Oh Janey this sound s right up your street. You love posing next to your bike​:laughing::stuck_out_tongue::joy:

What’s wrong with having me?

Changyammi - that’s an evil, vicious lie…

You know I love posing ON my bike :kissing_heart:

Just trying to wind you up.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I think you would hate it. Bikes look much better in motion.

Am I the only one asking a genuine question?
Tv shows pay about 250 a day for the same pleasure, how much you guys pay?

^ Apparently not - that was asked in the second post :slight_smile:

Exactly, still no reply :smiley:

I don’t think that there’s going to be too many people willing to take a day off work and possibly losing a day’s pay for this just for the kudos.

(But if you’re gonna give the bike a full, panels off n’ everything valet to get it catwalk ready, then I might reconsider. LoL)