Get yea behind me Satan!

Since binning the Yello Peril ive found myself in a bit of a quandry…(that right?)

Its gonna take a few quid, about £1200 to get her back to her former glory. Not such a big problem. Its just now im feeling the pull of something new, more powerful and altogether better. The GSXR1000K5.

Its started simply enough. The odd glance in Bike. The odd read of MCN. I started looking for that familiar can. The one no-one but me likes it seems! Then came the drive by’s…I keep passing by the window at my local dealer, much like i did when i bought the 6 a year ago, face up against the glass, misting up over the Blue and White creation in prime retail position thats been hangin’ about for about four to five weeks. Maybe a rejected order…Its all too familiar!

So…the decision needs to be made. And quickly. Now i know ive gotta fix the 6. she deserves to be reinstated back to full glory. Its criminal not too. Shes been a blinder and i couldnt have wanted anything more for my first time, shes kept me safe and smiling for a long time

But that nagging guilt wont go away! Should i, shouldnt i. Ive looked at other thou’s but nothings captured my imagination. The 750’s not quite got the looks. Too much like my 6 and comparisions are inevitable. Although im sure a improvement. Plus i have Suzuki genes and anything other than another mighty Gixx would be an affront to old Mr Suzuki san. And i kinda feel that i would hate to disappoint the ole’ bugger.

Ive managed to buy some brand new panels off Evil-Bay (no questions asked) in yellow, so with a small amount of paintwork she’ll be back up to scratch. Then the ‘flog it’ moment may have passed…but i feel not. So i need advice. Is it worth it? Is splashing the cash on a 9K bike really gonna give me what im hoping it is…? Or should i buy a Yoshimura race system for the 6 and stop being daft?

Then again, they do it Yellow and Black…oh no!

i have answered post like this about a million times. some like my answer and some think i’m a total idiot but here goes.

Build a Hybrid sleeper. put an 01-05 1000 engine in your sixxer frame. keep the factory pipe so everyone thinks you have a stock 6 and of course toss in all your own personal touches.

(note i like answering these post cuz it gives me a chance to show off my bike /note)

unless it is the body style you are really after. if its the styling then get the 1k, you will love it, just ask jay.

i had to listen to jay talk about the 750 being enough bike for about 2 months till he snuck up with the 1k and won’t shut up about it

anywho-----> here is what i did to my bike:

it was a stock 02 telefonica 600. i trashed the engine so i decided to go crazey with it.

i installed a 1000 engine, 750 swinger, duel fan radiator and seperate fan control for those hot texas days----> and about a million other mods both bought and self made. powder coating inspired by shane at (thanx shane, you are the man)

THE MAJOR benifits i have found are—> insurance on a 600, sneaky sneaky, shorter wheel base and lots more power, ownership of an awsome homemade machine that there aren’t many of.

here are a few pics: (you can also see a lot of pics of my bike on the website where i bought the mounts for the swap



Hehehe, EHeeAhaa is a crazy man, but his bike is certainly very inspiring. It’s a great idea, and one that will save you a lot of money and make life rather more interesting than it already is. What I would ask though, is how long have you been riding? Was the K4 your first bike? If so, I’d say hold off on the upgrade and get more track time to learn to ride the 600 nearer the limit.

But then again, it’s a very personal decision and if it’s not your first bike, then the upgrade will be worth it, it’s a brilliant ride on the 1000’s, making me so happy that I upgraded. The K5 is a crazy bike and worth every penny, in my opinion. If you do choose to go for the K5, remember that you need to know what the insurance difference is likely to be, as it’s going to be quite costly in all likelyhood.

Whatever you choose, you’ll have a great bike and any decision comes down to how much you’re willing to spend on biking in general.

It may be too late…ive ordered that Yoshimura race system and a Power Commander…

Plus she/The 6 is in for a respray and the wheels colour coded…

And theyve sold that Thou…bugger.

Three good reasons to keep it.

Now i need three to convince me…

Three reasons to convince you to keep it:

  • You are spending no more money than you have to
  • You can become much faster on the six at the track, because you know the bike already
  • Because it’s so new and you like it.

can i ask how you binned the six? just a thought but if the six is your first bike and you are crashing that i would say you would be better off learning to ride it before getting something bigger/faster to crash. do some track days, or maybe a race school or two, this money spent will make you much quicker than the thousand ever could

Potentially controversial there Matt! Good to have you on the site fella! But I agree, training is worth ten times more than any bike. It’s the rider that makes the difference, not the bike. We hear this all the time in racing, but people rarely seem to digest the fact.

i know, i get a bit sick of telling people really, but hey its easier to get a bigger bike than to learn eh? if at first you dont succedd cheat… i remember back in my day…

hey Matt, like a bloke that asks a direct question

Binned isnt quite right, slid is more accurate.

I lost grip whilst knee downing at Copse/Silverstone at about a ton. The back tyre slid out whilst exiting the corner and i wasnt quick enough to catch her despite pushin’ that knee to keep her up she made a graceful arc and dropped me the last 1 1/2 feet onto Silverstones glorious tarmac…spinning round and round on her Crash bung whilst i tested my Alpinestars structural rigidity!

Prior and post pictures here. With lostsa grey tape is post.

The static damage below.

A combination of pushing to hard and standard road rubber…time for Racetecs…

Ahhh its all about experience…U learn from every crash right?? haha

I just noticed…Im an Advanced Member! Do i get to do the special secret handshake now Jay?

Or does it mean im buying the beers?

Beers sound about right, thanks for the offer Nice pictures by the way, the pre-crash action shots look good, nice form.

Cheers mate. Pre-Crash always looks better i find…

I have to say i was having a whale of a time which could explain the cash being spunked on it now! heh

I couldve bought a track bike for what its costing, although, to be fair. Im treatin it to some fancy tricks…


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