Get voting - 9th December JT needs you !

A public phone vote decides the winner during the show on Sunday 9 December.

I have to say that looking at the nominees I was split between JT, Calzaghe and Hatton for this but having now looked at the list of previous winners the last time a motorcycle champion won it was John Surtees in 1959!! :unsure:

So I think it’s way overdue and I’m definitely behind JT on this one! :smiley:

Humm I reckon Lewis Hamilton will win it

Agree with you there Mark, but I do reckon Wilko and Hatton will be right up there too!

Would be bad form if a double world champion one it, it will be one of our glorious losers like wilko or hamilton that get it, still gonn vote for JT though. :slight_smile:

I would like to see Joe Calzaghe win it, he`s done and won so much in his carrer.

Gotta be JT . . . there can’t possibly be any other choice for LB-ers . . . Surely??? :crazy:

The biker part of me would vote JT, but other parts of me would say Wilko… :wink:

It’s got to be JT. My phone will be on redial Sunday evening. I’m glad that Calzaghe got through to the shortlist, but bikes come first in our house. Also a big rugby fan, but I don’t think that Wilkinson or Robinson deserve it as much as James. If all the bikers in the country get behind our boy then no one else stands a chance (that’s if the Beeb don’t rig it)!

JT deserves it more than the rugby boys and if the girlies need any more reason to vote… :wink:

We are talking personality here folks, in which case my vote goes for Ricky Hatton I’m affraid.

I didnt cheer JT in WSB all year so I won’t now.

For the record I think Haga was robbed:P:D

Is this a quiz? JT is the only one who didn’t chin anyone this season :stuck_out_tongue:

Hang on a Goddamn minute . . . lets get this in perspective . . . James Toseland is the **WORLD CHAMPION ** . . . NOT a runner up, or third place . . . the fact is he bloody well won it . . . for the SECOND time!!

Yeah we all know it was a dodgy last few races but he sure as hell had earned the early dominant lead that he’d had.

He’s damn well getting my vote :cool:

If the winner was picked purely on achievement it should be a close call between JT, Hatton & Calzaghe…BUT, who has thier mug plastered all over the newspapers all year? Who got the most exposure? Got to say Hamilton, so I reckon most punters will be voting for him, despite not actually winning anything and in typical English “It’s A Knockout” fashion, collapsing like a flan in a cupboard when the pressure was on.Nicely timed appearance on Top Gear don’t you think? Since the end of the F1 season he sort of dropped of the radar, now as soon as you click on the BBC webpage, there he is.Still voting for JT though. Are the beeb still allowed to have these votes? I thought all that was banned?

Is Ricky Hatton not a 15 times World Champion in two different weights then?:wink:

I aint got a scooby who he is mate . . . he could be 100 times champ for all I know . . . if this was a boxing forum I’d understand the inclination to vote for him . . . but it aint . . . so I couldnt give a sparrows fart who he is :smiley:

naievely I thought that bikers would want a biker to win

Sports Personality of the Year online voting results so far:ermm:

  1. Joe Calzaghe 22%
  2. Jonny Wilkinson 4%
  3. Lewis Hamilton 42%
  4. Paula Radcliffe 6%
  5. Ricky Hatton 13%
  6. Andy Murray 3%
  7. Justin Rose 2%
  8. James Toseland 8%
  9. Christine Ohuruogu 2%

Jonny Zero (05/12/2007)

I see what you are saying JayZee but I have never been a JT fan i’m affraid. When it comes to personality I’ve yet to find one in JT:w00t:

Now Mr Hatton… even after his defeat last night he still managed to crack jokes about it and in my eyes is still a working class hero:P

I have no doubt that Lewis will win cos my mum loves him;):smiley:

Results in!

Sports Personality voting:

  1. Joe Calzaghe 177,748 (28.19%)
  2. Lewis Hamilton 122,649 (19.45%)
  3. Ricky Hatton 85,280 (13.53%)
  4. James Toseland 84,570 (13.41%)
  5. Jason Robinson 67,061 (10.64%)
  6. Paula Radcliffe 34,895 (5.53%)
  7. Jonny Wilkinson 30,302 (4.81%)
  8. Andy Murray 13,242 (2.1%)
  9. Justin Rose 10,227 (1.62%)
  10. Christine Ohuruogu 4,481 (0.71%)

Well we did more than our fair share of voting for JT :cool:

Nothing wrong with JTs personality when I met him plus he is pretty hot with the kisses!! :w00t:

If personality in a bike racer means being rude to fans, chinning people, failing drugs tests etc - you can keep it ;):stuck_out_tongue:

That said i like to watch Haga ride :slight_smile: