get that friday feeling!!!

yey!!! good morning all, its FRIDAY!!! i thought id be the first to say have a great FRIDAY and maybe i will see some of ya at the ace tonight, if not i shall see ya at the silver ball for sunday

besties, westie x

Thank God its Friday, nice a great day people

Showing my Mother the sights of Buckinghamshire and the Chilterns.

In the car.


Have fun mate

Have no fear, Fridayman is near! Enjoy my day.

lol Andrew you miserable old git! Get her on the back of the 675 mate that will liven her up!

viewing a house tonight. kinda fun.

Will see u on sunday mate gonna have a few drinks after work so no bike for me…

Leaving drinks for me tonight, so I doubt I’ll be out tonight. Will see you Sunday though. Maybe at the petrol station Tesco on the A10???

Stuck at work all day! hopefully pub later

“Will see you Sunday though. Maybe at the petrol station Tesco on the A10???”

You sure know how to live Andrea!!!

whos going to be around tonite then???

Happy Friday… MMmm let me think what I’ll be doing over the weekend… errr WORKING… I can hardly contain my excitement… LOL…

Well I’m meant to be gigging Saturday night… but I feel like crap today and my hips real sore… off to chiropractor blokey in 20 mins…

Everyone seems to be going for drinks !!!..right then…who,s going where ?..who,s up for what ?..

Top night at the ace for a change good company and many laughs with a few new faces thrown in cheers guys and girls… and westfazer im only pulling ya leg your alright

yes great night at the ace i didnt get away till midnight ish so a quick blast up the a1.c u all sunday

me too, had a great night!!! great banter with flats, thanks mate!!!, good to see ya steve, Keti, Abbeyj,Bubmle,Yama-her,Terry and Kazzer. Had a nice ride home, gps worked a treat, deffo bringing with on Sunday.

all have a great day tommorrow x