Get shot of wasps....

We’ve got a wasps nest in our chimney and can’t get to it…how can I get rid of the wasps, They don’t seem too bothered when I light the fire but maybe there’s something I can burn to kill them off?

can you not get near it??

best way is to use insecticide like Raid…

id wear all my gear (helmet,gloves, leathers) t0 avoid being stung and spray on the nest at early morning or late at night (when there is little activity)

if you cant reach it use a projectile spray

Can’t get to it or even see it…we’ve just moved here and it seems they have been there for a long time…

you need to get rid of the nest to get rid of the wasps… :ermm:

We had one, the council will get rid for about £30. the guy came to our and said they would die over the winter and they did. But he also told me that ant powder worked well, Raid is not very good at killing them.

The smoke from the fire will keep them calm which is a good thing.

Speak to your local council as they’ll be able to send a pro down to remove them…Environmental Health department should be your point of contact.

I like WASP :smiley:

Lol…thought i’d done something to upset someone when i read the header!:w00t:

Thanks Afro :kiss:

On a more serious note wherabouts are you as my hubby is a pestcontroller and quite often has to go kill wasps etc he has these extendable poles that you inject the nest with the wasp killing powder and bingo problem solved:D

I think you’ll find he is in Spain hahaha

Maybe if you go have a look about 2pm they will be having a Siesta so you can squirt petrol all over the nest and the throw a burning match at it…:smiley:

Nobody will come out for this…if the house was falling down they wouldn’t come out either…