Get One Knee Down and Pray - Sunday 22nd March

Arh bummer can’t come, i’m in DK there.

But i 'm gonna come on some of the others you do :slight_smile:

Is this still on Rixxy? aren’t you moving house the day before?

I am sure he will try his very best :slight_smile:
Someone will run it if he can’t :smiley:

I will NEED to do it BECAUSE im moving house the day before - Also the wife would rather im out the house when she “organises” apparently thats not my strong point!:smiley:

See, the Rev will be preaching :w00t:

You of little faith :smiley:

I have a very keen eye on the weather this week… Come on sunshine!:w00t:

It will be sunny! Saturday and Sunday all the way from here to Brugge.

They’ll hear you coming before you cross the channel :wink:

Going to have to miss this :frowning: enjoy

CANCELLED - sorry i got moving stuff today and its going to take more than 1 day. I will re-schdule for the following weekend.

that works out better weather wise (hopefully)

Rixxy mate, let us know if you need any help.

No good for me as I’ll be coming off a night shift :crying: