Get One Knee Down and Pray - Sunday 22nd March

CANCELLED - It will run the following week.

I got to move house and i was hoping to get it all done in a day, turns out that was a tad ambitions!!

Excellent news :smiley:


Once i’ve got a couple more BCR’s under my Belt i will Join you on one of these :smiley:


In :grin:

Great in, I hear James its a new 1299s your getting, collecting next week?

I would never buy anything new - im not paying over 20k for anything! Once i get it insured i may reveal. :cool:

You still going on the Brugges trip the day before? Mighty keen :kiss:

He’s hard core :smiley:

I wanna play but not sure I’m fast enough… ?

Have you been on any LB ride outs ?

If I’m not to saddle sore from Brugge and you don’t all [email protected] off and leave me behind…I’ll be there :blush:

Do you meet at the SHELL garage on the dome round-a-bout as I can’t see the point in heading all the way to the Ace just to come back out again.

Askin cause I live in Dunstable and need to pass Watford on the way south

Yes the Dome is the meeting point, a few of us live near Watford and meet there.

LOL! I really hope you can make it. :smiley:

This is for the more experienced rider. So you don’t have to be fast but you do have to have good road and bike stills, more for the types of roads we ride. It important you ride at your own pace and look after yourself.

This is the first one of the year so will be more relaxed but still rider saftey is important and i do ask newer riders not to join as this is really for people with a little more experienced.

Im planning this year on running a couple of riders for newer to big bike riders to do the route. It is of course totally up to you if you want to join either.

is the dome roundabout the one up from j&s has a big supermarket there as well…

It’s here

thanks yep thats the one i thought it was…