Get on knee down and pray.....

Sunday 27th - 7am Ace Cafe Departure 7.30 Dome Roundabout Watford Departure.

Yes im back to full health and this means back on the bike.

The legendary ride returns as i have spent far to many good weekends sitting at home being jealous of all the bikes.

The ride is great, the breakfast is excellent and the company is the only thing you really need to worry about.

There will be a 7.00am departure from the ace cafe and a 7.30am departure at the Shell Garage on the Dome Roundabout in Watford.

breakfast will be around 10.30am approx.

Yes its early, yes the roads are quiet and this is why we leave early.

This ride is for the more experienced rider who knows how to ride at his/her own pace and not get sucked in by the rider in front.

Our standard rules apply which includes 1 verbal warning if your being a cnt before a smack on the nose is enforced. Hedge trimmers by breakfast.

No harleys, BMW’s, Ducati’s or crappy naked black birds. Noone in yellow leathers with greasy fingers.:w00t::doze:

please make sure you are fully fueled and ready to play. You ride at your own risk.

Note - Some BMw’s, Ducati’s and crappy naked black birds are eligable for this ride with prior permission. The jury is still out on yellow leathers…

If I’m nice, can I bring my BMW?

Sounds like a plan. I might see you at the Dome so I can do the M1 first.

Of course you can, you can park it next to my HP4 ;-):smiley:

OH FFS, can you please do a ride when I am not busy?

he he, ta :slight_smile:

IM out sat swell i think.

are YOU gonna be on time or still in ya wanking chariot while everyone waits for you :D:D :smiley:

will there be any gixxers picking flowers ?

will that stinking X11 be making a racket ?

will we lose anyone on it ?

why am I asking daft questions ?

its a possibility if I get up :D:D

can i bring a special guest :smiley:

Special or “spesh” :ermm:

I better get an MOT before the weekend then :wink:

Sounds like a nice morning out! Be nice to meet some more of the LB community.

If i don’t have my son this weekend i may be interested in a run out, its been an age since i came out for a run in the country.

no not ‘special’ Rixxy, just special appearance. he might be scared of you lot though. :smiley:

The question is are you wearing leathers or textiles?

I’d almost pay good money to see Alba up and ready for a good 7.o clock thrashing :smiley:

If I can drag myself up in time I’ll be there. Need a Rixxy-speed ride :slight_smile:

If PJ turns up in leathers I’m going home………………:unsure:

Alas I may be heading far further north on Sunday. But it should be a good run back down. :slight_smile:

Sounds good

If all goes to plan, I’ll be at the Ace for 7 o’clock :smiley: