Get My Bike Back Soon!

For those that remember, I been waiting on the insurance to come through on my bike - got the cheque a couple of days ago, so will have my bike back soon - can’t wait - I’m busting a gut to get out on it!

Bit of a pain that I’ve missed the summer, but hey ho, beggars can’t be choosers :slight_smile:

Good payout as well - very pleased :slight_smile:


good too have you back ramone!!!:w00t:


Cheers dude - I really ain’t felt like coming on here that much coz it just reminds me I ain’t had my bike…

now I know I’ll have it soon, I’m buzzing :smiley:

You and Rixxy both back on the road?!?

We’d better watch out! :smiley:

woohoo! well done SR

Should have enough cash left from the payout to do DAS - THEN you’ll be in trouble lolz

Great stuff, congratulations on the payout and make sure you do book that DAS. Then you’ll see what fun it is to ride a “proper” bike :cool:


Just dont come off and break anything :frowning:

cheers all :slight_smile:

anyone know anyone who wants to buy a cbf125? lolz

I might wait until the test is sorted first, going on my track record :smiley:

Glad you’re back on two wheels again - enjoy:)

Oh sh*t! We’re off to Kent on Sunday. What day are you getting it? May have to re-route:w00t:(you know we don’t mean it really :kiss: )

Great news fella :slight_smile:

hehe… i must look up the story on that one :smiley: Jizzstream? I been away too long - missed where it ‘came’ from lolz

don’t worry you old tearaways - cheque ain’t cleared yet and i ain’t doing nothing til i own that cash!

anyways - i’m a south london boy again now - will have to head out in some brand new, different directions (and probably end up at the same old places :D)

Cheers Mr-C :wink:

Ramone’s back on the road yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaahhhhh :smiley:

Good news stevie, we’ll stay in I think just to be safe :smiley:

Welcome back kidda…good luck with the das…

Does it still have the swerve test…wink

Yer - but it has training too lolz


Be good to see you again chuck :smiley:

cheers hun :slight_smile: good to be back :smiley: