Get me outta here!!

I’m at work - sat next to a large window, watching the student residence sunbathing on the rooftops while I’m working on P&L sheets and trainings stats.

My baby CBR is calling me from home asking when I’ll be back so we can go out into the sun for a long ride.

Doesn’t it feel like the end of term and the next 4 days are like 6 weeks of school holidays. Only an hour and 10 mins til the end of work and 4 days of play-time begin

The count down is on!!!

Know where you’re coming from… Can hear the weekend and the road calling. Luckily i get to ride home in an hour

Tell me about … I’m looking out my window at work directly into the London Eye and can see loads of people sunbaking and playing in the park below

Only a short wait till the bikinis come out at lunch time though …

Everyone else in my office has buggered off already! I’m the dedicated one though, getting some tech out the door for our delivery partners to have some fun with first thing tuesday morning.

Could go any time I want… weird feeling, heh.

well i have been out most of the day chewing up 70 miles of essex country side twisties

as only work for four days in a row then the magic four off

mate if u wanna hit some wicked road head 2wards the m25 from chigwell, u get to a roundabout with a new orleans pub and a long road to epping. Go down it and follow signs to roydon…all national speed limit, some really nice corners. Takes about 5-10 mins from chigwell 2 get to the nice roads :slight_smile:

I left work at 2pm as the weather was to nice to miss.

I’ve got to work friday 14.30 til 22.30 then saturday 14.30 till 22.30,

but i guess someones got to keep those big silver birds in the air!

then monday blast round silverstone!!!

Working today (friday) 7.30am - 10pm 2 hours off 2.30- 4.30pm

and Saturday the same

then 3 days off