Gerry Anderson RIP

Sad news about Gerry Anderson, the creator of Thunderbirds passing away today. He was 83.

He was an important part of my childhood, and I was fortunate enough to go and watch Thunderbirds actually being made at Slough when I was a kid as the father of one of my classmates was involved in the production. I have been a fan all my life and still am, so a sincere thank you to also a genuinely nice guy who I had the pleasure of meeting on a few occasions many years after meeting him as a kid.


Very sad news, I absolutly love Thunderbirds always have was a huge part of my childhood even though I was only around for the umpteenth showing of them on tv

Never met him, but his work was a huge part of my childhood. RIP.

ril, loved his shows, space 1999 is my fav all time show

Yeah - RIP Jerry - amazing to think that glamorous, futuristic shows like UFO were filmed in a studio on an industrial estate in early 70’s Slough lol!

It’s not just Gerry, there are so many familiar faces that have died in the last ten days. It is quite shocking, and sobering.