Germany (B500) + Shopping Trip

Well it had to be done:DFri 27th May 2011

Shuttle : (Early start):w00t:

(local time) Short Stay Saver Fare | Folkestone to Calais | Friday 27 May 2011 Check-in closes 06:50Departure time 07:20Arrival time 08:55

(local time) Short Stay Saver Fare | Calais to Folkestone | Monday 30 May 2011 Check-in closes 17:50Departure time 18:20Arrival time 17:55

Fri 27th May 2011

Calais to Cochem staying at :

Weinhaus Gräfen Endertstraße 27, 56812 (

Sat 28th May 2011


Cochem to Bikerland and then onto :

David and Angela Williams (LB’s very own):wink:
Schützenhausstraße 4
D-77889 Seebach

Telephone: 0049 (0)7842 2853

Sunday 29th May 2011

Do the B500 to Titisee staying at :

Gasthaus Löffelschmiede (Can be found on

Bruderhalde 36
Titisee-Neustadt, 79822
Germany Phone +49(0)7652919169

Monday 30th May 2011 (Bank Holiday)

Run for Calais and Home:D

Anybody wishing to join me, the info’s all there;)

Hello all,

The website for David & Angelas place is email [email protected]

look forward to seeing lots of you!!!

David & Angela

Hmmmmm :smooooth:

You lucky man, RR

Look forward to seeing you in your new Bling !

Ever since the last north wales trip, pissing down and mark standing there all dry and toasty in his rukka gear “I hate that man” i’ve always wanted some decent gear of my own but shyed away because of the UK price, so fingers crossed.:smiley:

Excuse me, but I seem to remember on the way to the B500 the Jets, Bricking it and RRob all having a load of poncy “rain gear” and a certain Mr Lagos braving it with some less conventional protection from the rain :smiley:

That said I also recall calling you all a bunch of tossers for laughing at my getting wet :w00t:

I had leathers on remember:w00t:

It was funny, you must admit. Leathers plus waterproofs = the way ahead!

I remember you lot all taking the pi$$ - though I’ll accept my jacket had a few holes in it…and my balaclava had maybe seen better days :slight_smile: You’ll be pleased to hear that both items have finally been thrown away, though I still reckon my jacket had a few months riding left :smiley:

You’ve forgotten to mention the tatty hi-viz held together with a few threads - did you keep it as a momento?:smiley:

Here it is:D

A fine body of men, possibly being lectured by Mr Jetstream on how to behave when being let loose in my favourite biking destination of Germany :w00t:

And check carefully - it wasnt raining :smiley:

Not forgetting the posing with balaclava and kagoule as well as hi-viz.

He does look like a sergeant major doesn’t he :smiley:

No sign of Rob though…or Julie. If Rob was missing I guess they were hunting down the next cream cake shop?

i MIGHT be in for this, i totally love this area its great and would be good to go back!!

This sounds right up my street, nice long weekend trip.

Ill check with the boss indoors, if she is cool, ill chat with you on the Easter Egg run

Motorel Hexenhaus
Bahnhofstrasse 20
56859 Bullay
Tel: 0049 6542 969343
[email protected]

Just got an e-mail from owners : No room at the inn:w00t: so will update with new hotel + location details soon:D

First page updated, anybody thinking about this trip my advice would be to book hotels now as availability is low, all have free cancellation so can be cancelled later.:smiley:

Have emailed you.

OK, boss has said I can go!

Rob i have reserved the two hotels and emailed David & Angela to reserve a place.

Do you know what the tunnel is like to book? Idealy would like to book after payday (end of month) should be ok til then??

Ill speak to you on the Easter Egg run, we can swap nos etc discuss anythign then.

Cool, looking forward to it!