German police seek bike-hating bend boobytrapper

He must really hate bikers:

Didn’t this happen before

holy schnitzel¨!!!

There are some really sick and twisted people out there… sheesh…

Oh dear. The title made it look like the German police were advertising for one. :sick:

The link within it won’t click for us - does it give any indication as to what areas of Germany are affected?

Bad Nenndorf, Schaumburg, Lower Saxony.

Don’t start getting any route ideas. Although I think Alex Gold is more into the gravel rally stages to be honest.

That’s the bend the coppers/someone else found. The article also states that already a biker had a fatal accident due to this utter shite, which was in South Germany -> as well as another potential trap in Augsburg, road covered in oil, which is Bavaria, SGermany, so appears to not be limited to one area :angry: :angry:

Off to the wall with that f.cker, I say

Well after the most enjoyable weekend BrickingIt (now Slipper1) organised for us in Germany we were thinking of a long weekend in Spring surveying the highways and byways - may await events before we pack the leiderhosen again now :frowning:


If leiderhosen are your thing, fine. But please, save then for Southern Germany. I don’t think Britain is quite ready for that.

That is just plain evil, and surely attempted murder as it is premeditated?

Granted I can be a little sick and twisted in my sense of humour and do say some things, but to actually go out and do something like this is just horrible.