Gerbing Heated Gloves with Keis Heated Vest

Keis uses a 2.1mm plug/socket and Gerbing (and others) use a 2.5mm plug/socket.

Keis also now have a plug (ie male end) on their gloves and everyone else has a socket (female end).

So a bit annoying to get them to work together. The Keis adapters they sell seem to be for their older gloves with a socket, not plug.

I found these adapters, which information may be of use to anyone with a similar issue. On the website “Kenable”. £4.05 for both delivered!

Part 009163 5.5 x 2.5mm DC Power Coupler Male to Male Plugs Gender Changer Adapter*
Part 003824 CCTV 5.5mm x 2.5mm Female Socket to 2.1mm Male Plug DC Power Adapter Converter

These work fine, but it makes a very “long” set of adopters hanging off the glove. What I was looking for it is a single male to male 2.1mm to 2.5mm barrel adapter but that doesn’t seem to exist. Any better solutions?

Separately, I bought the Keis G701S gloves and thought they were crap. Not nearly warm enough. Hence ending up with non-matching kit. I had before a battery operated pair IXS Tour LT Heat Gloves which were far warmer. Even at 7.5v, not 12v. Keis vest on its own is good.