georgia cops taser guy to death

a grim video of an epileptic georgia man who suffered a fatal heart attack after being tasered five times in 60 seconds while resisting gwinnett county sheriff deputies restraining him in a chair while handcuffing his wrists and shackling his feet.

the last words of frederick williams, 31 — “don’t kill me, man! don’t kill me!” — are soon followed by a deputy asking, “do you want another one?” as a taser is repeatedly fired into his convulsing body.

The georgia deputies had brought him to their county jail after his wife, yanga, called 911 to say her husband had become violent after failing to take his epilepsy medication. a grand jury — who refused to view the videotape — declined recommending indictment charges against the deputies.

a police investigation into his death also cleared the deputies of criminal liability.

the 10-minute video ends as deputies unsuccessfully attempt to revive williams.


very sad. if they tried half as hard to save the man as they did trying to kill him, he could have survived.




Don’t know what it is about the Yanks, they tend to use things like the Taser and CS/Mace as a weapon of compliance whereas we use it over here as a weapon of defence. They have very very different rules / laws when it comes to the use of force.

I do doubt that it was the Taser that killed him though, the ampage is quite low, I’m guessing it would have been positional asphyxia or excited delerium (sp) that would have killed him.

I am absolutely disgusted.

This has to be one of the worst examples of police incompetence? Disgrace.

The method of policing in the US is scary

There was a video I watched where 5 police officers cornered a man after a car chase. He had a screw driver in his hand. They tried Tasers which werent working. Naturally being Yanks, they brought out their guns and started shooting. These were Texas officers by the way

Only problem was even though they surrounded this man they still managed to miss and one of them ended up shooting his colleague

After watching that video, I swore that if I ever went to the states I would try to avoid any contact with them in case I was accidentally killed

The law are very quick to protect the officers as well

Incompetency at its worst

That’s exactly why I don’t live there anymore. The cops are basically armed thugs who will beat your ass if you say anything other than “Yes, Sir!” to them. Got the sh*t kicked out of me after a traffic stop once, with those nice big MagLite torches.

I’d rather live in a civilized part of the world… thanx.

Another example of US cops going mad with tazers:

So these two cops couldn’t get a woman out of a car without electro-shocking her?

Not saying it is right but do think I would have done the same to her!

Not like the british police force who are unarmed, which takes total dedication because if the want to kill someone they have to beat them to death

itsthemechanic, I’ll gladly swap passports with you - the grass is always greener.

I couldn’t possible disparage the conduct of a member of the thin blue line since they do an unenviable job. Whatever country you are in, there are good cops and bad cops.

Not necessarily about the grass being always greener. My cousins had always said they wanted to go to school over there especially since their dad lived there so they were sent over there for uni. All of them bar one have come back, they couldnt wait to leave.

Apparently the image of good looking honeyz in short skirts and silicone jobs was not quite true

If that’s what they do to their citizens, I would hate to think what they do to their enemies. It shocks, and disgusts me.

Ya just gotta love the intermaweb!

I’m sorry good sir, but you can’t tell me whether or not the grass is greener. Maybe I’d like a society that disgusts your cousins’ university-tinted view of life? I mean if they were after honeyz and silicone, that’s a pretty silly definition of green grass isn’t it?

Thanks for trying anyway.

I dunno Jay. Maybe some people look at our laws and enforcement and are disgusted. Long shot I know, but maybe there’s a few.

Anyway, I blame the media. “Man successfully and peacefully dismounted from car” doesn’t grab headlines does it? “Download the .wmv file here!!111!eleven”

that is sick man ****ing americans are such twats

all i can say is good the bloke was obviously a turd didnt take his epilepsy meds and beat a woman which is what ur all missing out in ur hollier than thou comments least they tried to revive him