george white swindon

Bought my k3 gixer 1000 from george white in swindon on the 1/6/05.The bike was supplied new to the one previous owner & serviced by george white.

Had the bike on the paddock stand lubing the chain & could hear a grinding noise as i spun the wheel round,on closer inspection i noticed the inner side of the brake disc was badly scored,my first reaction was that one of the brake pads was down to metal.On closer inspection with a mirror it all became clear THE NEARSIDE BRAKE PAD HAD BEEN FITTED THE WRONG WAY ROUND

Phoned george whites today & spoke to the service manager who"s first comment was “i find this hard to believe”.He then asked had i had a new rear tyre fitted by anybody? yes i replied you fitted 2 new tyres to the bike before i picked it up.

I"ve made it quite clear to him that no one has worked on the bike since i picked it up from them,he is now making enquires & will get back to me.

I will let you know the outcome

Utter incompetence - don’t settle for any old flanel from them. Have you left it as was or have you turned the pad round? - evidence of it being incorrect would help. I wish you luck in getting it sorted. Let us know how it goes.

That is crazy. don’t let them get away with it. New disc please.

o.k brought the bike over to g.whites today in back off my van,yes i had to get out off bed at 7am scrape the ice off everything,empty my van & get the g/friend to help push the bike onto back off van.I did"nt bother putting the ramp in the van as it"s a bit tight & g.white"s must have a ramp,wrong.Got too reception & asked the service manager could i borrow a ramp to get the bike off,sorry mate a"int got one,we"ll have to lift it off,i then said i persumed as you were a garage you"d have one in the workshop or vans his reply was "well you should"nt persume,you should phone up & ask.

Bit me lip on that,which is a bit unusual for me,anyways they rolled the bike in the w/shop & 5 mins later the guy appears & says i"m gonna see if we"ve got the parts in stock,no apology,no explanation as too what parts he was fitting,this bloke was fast getting on my tits.

No we a"int got the parts mate was his next sentence.i said so even that i told you 2 weeks ago when booking the bike in about the damage you did"nt have the forsight to order the parts so it could all be done today plus the fact i have travelled 50 odd miles to get here.

Anyways i phoned the general manager when i got back home & complained about the service managers attitude & the way he spoke to me,the manager was excellent & apologised for my bad service i received,he said he would look into it further & phone me back.He phoned back to say that the bike would be delivered to me on wed with new pads & disc & the service manager & the mechanic that serviced it last will be spoken too accordinally.So praise to the general manager & george whites & shame to the service manager & mechanic.

brilliant. hope the bike is delivered and in the condition you expected. personally i believe george white’s customer service, especially at the slough branch, is not good at all.

how the f**K did some muppet manage to put a pad in the wrong way round after just fitting a set of tyres???

you don’t need to take the pads out for that!