GEORGE WHITE motorcycles after sales experience

hi there
am new for this forum and i need some experienced help!

has anyone of you have got experienced after sales service @ George White in shoreditch? or maybe can even give comparison with motoden??

thank you

i used to be the sales guy there before the guy who works there now - whats the problem??

no problems yet! just need general advice. planing to buy a bike and looking for the best place to spend my money

I have to be honest with you. personally I would not go anywhere near Motodens… ever… was not happy with the service that I got or the fact that my bike got damaged (which to be fair they did replace after I had to take it back 4 times) but still not on.

Best advice - depending on the make of bike you want - try Dobles in Croydon, Lloyd Cooper in Watford. But I would not go near Motoden…

Heard bad things about motoden as well.Depends how much money you have and what your requirements are, and you level of mechanical knowledge. All are variables in where to go to buy a bike and consequent levels of service.Post up a few more details and maybe we can help a bit more…

well i look after all my customers so if you want a yammy come and see me!!

i just experienced motoden customer service recently… im not sure how them are open yet!!! ?? honda must be blind and deaf! and now they have suzuki!! … i’ll never go back to them!

agreed that motoden has a bad service record with me. although the sales guys always are very willing to help me out.

My other shop does suzuki - what bike are you looking for, are you p/ex-ing anything??

I bought from them in Slough… great bunch of fellas there both pre and post sales and the techs were always willing to help and spot on for any issues. Yes I did test them a couple of times :w00t: