Genuine parts

Need to get a half decent helmet - and thinking of the following.,150,?filter=tags:High%20Visibility

Strikes me that one is a fck lot cheaper than the other - but with it being Ebay - could be a fake?   Any thoughts?

One is the pro version, one is the basic version. I got the basic from infinity for £299 so not far off in the shop retail.

Extremely happy with it by the way.

I’m a bit disappointed by my Pro, too. I’d suggest the basic.

Get yer hi viz over to Camberley Infinity

Check out HelmetCity too:

Got a few (small) sizes going very cheap at just over £200. Either way, got my Schuberth S2 from them, good service. Ended up trying other colours/designs for size, then they ordered in the one I wanted in right size, fitted PinLock etc and got it posted to me for now cost! 

Try Lids Direct too. Excellent customer service, and good prices sometimes.

Can you flip the lid - with your gloves on?   Current helmet only works with really think gloves, which means I often leave it unclosed - don’t tell my IAM guy or he’ll have a right old hissy fit.  

Easy to work the flip and sun visor with gloves on. Takes a couple of times to remember where it is if you’ve not had it before, or if it’s in a different place to your last helmet.