Genuine Leprechaun For Sale

Genuine leprechaun, 2cm in height, invisible. Caught in my back garden today. Comes enclosed in a jam jar.

Also selling bags of genuine luminiferous aether (£100 each)

please pm if interested.

Might have a home for the leprechaun but got to be sure, to be sure :wink:

Ah g’wan Debz, ya will, ya will, ya will.:slight_smile:

Cup o’ tea Mole? :wink:

Oh tanks duck. Would ya like a dash o brandy in t’at? Ah g’wan!:smiley:

is that a sale there then debz? Mole are you interested in my leprachaun?? :slight_smile:

Top oh the morning to ya Ben, 2cm is a wee bit too small for me I’m afraid, but tanks for asking! :hehe:

yea mole prefers them too be at least a few inches long ;):stuck_out_tongue:

well mole can have mine then :laugh:

It’s clearly a fake from Hong Kong, bit like Louise Vuitton bags, or Channel perfume, or Nika trainers.

Now if you had a LeprEchaun, then Oi moight be intrested, ta be sure!

by few she means 6" onwards not 2" ginger!! lol