Gents Rideout #2

The Lads Rideout #2

Due to some incidents on the France trip, in which I feel fellow bikers safety was not put number one priorty by some (and I’m not pointing fingers and yes I was fecking about at the back wheelieing). I’m pulling out of this…Sorry to feck you all about, but I feel we was lucky to all get home without a serious off. And with this being a big rideout, I dont want to be part of what could be another ride with repeat scary situations.

Anyone wishing to take this ride over, please feel free to copy and paste the list or just carry on with this :slight_smile:

As said sorry to feck you all about :slight_smile:

This as been taken over by Elad who as put up a new post :slight_smile:

Me please. Will you have your touring tank on ?

hmmm maybe, just maybe

its two days before my birthday, do I get presents?

Can we stop off at a strip joint?

I’m up for this again :cool:

Is it cornerman or cornerhero? :P;)

I will mate, dont think I’ll be leading though, probably Tailgunner as I’m going up 16 on the back sprocket :hehe:

Goose you can get the cream tea’s in :smiley:

Cornerman mate ;):PCornerHero’s mite have quitened down a bit after the weekend :D:)

Sorry im on a diet, and you still owe me West Best

I dont seem to recall saying you got to have one :D:P

I am up for this, dont mind being tail gunner, will prob be at the back anyway;)

Saying that, I might have to drop out last minute as I am expecting a delivery the week after:hehe:

I am weak when faced with temptation

What colour did you want it? :smiley:

:laugh:Were you out coursing, I’ll have a pair of them there boots and a caravan for me Ma :D:)

Shoulda gone to Specsavers Terry :hehe: They’re my best work trainers :stuck_out_tongue:

im in

I’m in as well, leathers will be a beacon for all to follow…

packs his sunglasses :cool:

See you there :smiley:



Stick me name down please Terry :smiley:

watch urself, terry has a thing for blokes in leathers…:w00t:

Lucky your a bit of a bird then ;):smiley: