Gent's Ride-out 2.5 - 6th April

Gonna take this one over, and instead of being race heros on the road, we can go watch some real race heros at the BSB opening round at Brands Hatch!This is now going to go from High Beach to Brands, the ‘scenic’ route :smiley:

Meet at High Beach at 9am for a 9:30am leave, have yer tanks full when you get there.

route is this:,51.743098,0.067237%3B14890197634587544020,51.795120,0.029880%3B6825345553540284149,51.858490,0.072740%3B8555193046791482504,51.804120,0.243760%3B1220305165450800661,51.665010,0.271600%3B14624148639721325366,51.358061,0.255732&saddr=high+beach,+waltham+abbey&daddr=B181%2FEpping+Rd+%4051.743098,+0.067237+to:B180%2FHunsdon+Rd+%4051.795120,+0.029880+to:B1004%2FHigh+St+%4051.858490,+0.072740+to:A1060+%4051.804120,+0.243760+to:A128%2FOngar+Rd+%4051.665010,+0.271600+to:Brands+Hatch+Circuit,+Fawkham,+Longfield,+DA3+8NG+(Brands+Hatch)&mra=cc&via=1,2,3,4,5&sll=51.621427,0.288391&sspn=0.903777,2.252197&ie=UTF8&ll=51.649555,0.144196&spn=0.451606,1.126099&z=10

So lots of nice B roads for everyone to scratch around, there will be an M25 stretch just to get over the boring bits.

Everyone needs to organise their tickets for BSB themselves, either get them online for £22 (£23.50 with postage) here or phone them on: 0870 950 9000 each or pay on the day for £28.

Note: the BSB is being run on the GP circuit!! very cool and loads of good viewing options.

So put yer names below and I will add them to this post, as well as updates confirming route, etc.

We all like a laugh, but please ensure that if you come on this ride, that riding that puts anyone else in the group in danger is not what any of us are about. Having said that, the ride could well become ‘progressive’ so no L-plates or recent learners, just look out for your fellow riders, no close overtaking, and as far as I am aware we dont have any BSB scouts coming along, so no need to impress anyone by getting to each corner first (cornerman will be in operation).

This is a new list - if you put yer name down before, you have to do it again - Cheers.

So Far:

Elad (leading)
Killer #1
ChunkyMonkey + mate
Uncle SteveGSX
Chenster 10R

What happened to the confidence ride E?

Your be able to go now Chunks, seeing as you got your ticket to BSB :smiley:

Good luck with it Elad ;):slight_smile:

There you go Chunks, you can get an escort to the BSB now :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes indeed. if we can have a second one going from High Beech that would be good as it seems pointless going all the way past Brands to Box:)edit: Or meet at HB and go on to Box:)

Got cancelled/postponed cos there was only 1 learner interested, and the weather forecast was for cold wet and windy…so going to do one before I go to court I think :slight_smile:

meet us at BH and then ride back with us to the newbie night… :slight_smile:

So is this instead of terrys gents rideout?


Yeah can do, or if anyone wants to meet up in N.London before the off:)

im up for this, can meet at HB no prob.

We will meet at Box, not HB, better roads to BH from Box, you still in mate?

i am! but i may meet you at BH as its not far for me and i dont have a clue how to get to Box!!

Hehe OK cool :slight_smile:


i might be going, but prob not from box. too far

Was looking fwd to the big ride out on the 6th but i’m sure there’ll be plenty more.

I only live 5 minutes from Brands. So will probably just get my own ticket and meet you guys there…

count me in, was this the same date as the original gents rideout or not???

could meet ya at high beech

Yeah same date mate. Looks like my original rideout is being hijacked by an HB start!!! Dont want to confuse matters at the moment, but if a majority want to go from HB then we can, but just dont think the ride will be as nice…