Gentlemen's Rideout #1

Rideout for the Lads

Sunday 16th September

Leaveing the Ace at 8.00 sharp

then onto Box Hill and Departing there @ 9.30 on the dot

May involve a little bit of Motorway

So plenty of time for breakfast. Make sure you fuel up, and are on time, as we wont wait (Eric) :smiley: should involve about 200 miles.

Ok we will be using the cornerman system, anyone that dont know how the cornerman system works.

Basically the leader (Killer1) will point to a corner as he turns and the person directly behind him will sit on that corner till everyone has gone past and the Tailgunner gives him the nod. You do not leave the corner untill you get the nod from T/gunner otherwise riders get lost.

If you dont want to be a cornerman, dont sit behind the Leader :smiley:

Eric (Killer1) will probably ride at quite a fast normal pace :D, but dont worry, if your new to riding or dont like riding fast, ride at your own pace. Just keep going straight and keep an eye out for the cornermen at the corners who wont leave till the T/gunner has gone past, so as long as your in front of him you got no probs :slight_smile:

We will be doing route 72, which Adam has past onto Eric, and I’m told he has a nice place sorted out for lunch :smiley:

We also need a TailGunner if anyone wants to volunteer, otherwise I’ll do it :ermm:

So who’s up for it ?

Killer1 (Leader)














Smiled or Sean with some numbers (TailGunner)

Let me know if I’ve missed you

count me in bunny hop

I am up for this, what sort of pace is it going to be?

We’ll be using the cornerman & tail gunner system so you can go at whatever pace you feel happy with

I’ve just changed date from the 9th to the 16th sept because BCW & the Brighton burn up is on the week end of 9th

What Drugs you on this week Tel ??

you pm,d me for the bcw date and I said that its on the 8th Sept and the Brighton Burn from the Ace is on the 9th !!!

Your Losing it Pal !!!

I lost it years ago

So you coming on the 16th ?

Wot you got against gurls? I quite like them myself.

There’s a time and a place

Spiffing idea old chap! Count one in.

From what I’ve heard there will be plenty of girls at our lunch stop

Do you want me to borrow Robs scooter & lead for you

But it’s a lads rideout. for lads, if we get stuck you can be tailgunner. …

Is Grim coming in your Thong ?

It wouldnt be the first time for Grim

What if I strap my tits down & speak in a low voice

Na then I’d mistake you for Ginger

Careful - I bite !!

Does that mean you would be tempted


Enjoy guys - am gutted us girlies aren’t allowed not fair

well, em em depends how hard your bite is I bruise easy

And wots not fair Sherry ? Is it cause your never be able to tie ur tits down

Might have to move this to ‘Adult’ the way it’s going

Stick me down Mr Moto

Got you down Mr Thong

Dont tell Debz but I fink we’ll be lunching in a Spearmint rhino’s