Gentlemen Ranting

We love to rant round here. Just do a forum search for rant. theres loads of it. So in the spirit

haha, oh the joys of working in an office, i was doing patrol work today and was pretty much left to my own devices - and boy that felt great, i took no orders today whatsoever from anyone, i just had few places to unlock and then had a piss easy assignment…i almost feel like my own boss…

f*ck it, i will go on further by saying that the fact that i was roughly ( collective 20min max) in the office today made my day so much better, as much as i like my colleagues and not so much my some of my seniors, my role made so much difference to my day - not to hear the constant moaning and dissing of the company by my colleagues and beeing questioned and made to respond to jobs asap and beeing monitored. i gotta say today was one hell of a relaxed day, i’ll go as far as to say it didn’t feel like a job at all.

lol love these :smiley:

I with them re: the cake :slight_smile: