Gentle Landings

the CB1R power wheelies everywhere. with but i need to get my landings abit better as i am going to ruin the headstock bearings and the fork seals soon


I see your loving the new bike then :slight_smile:

Whats top end in first gear?

immensely! :smiley:

about 60?

Was that your white CB1R at BM last night?


looks very nice in white!
i see the stock can didnt last long though :smiley:

compared to the Xcone i had on the hornet the stock can was disappointing. prob is without the cat its too loud

quite tempted to change the can on my honet…thing is though, i like the look of the stock one :unsure:

keep it till you get bored of it then :wink:

Just come off the throttle more gently/ keep it going a bit more… I think this will mean wheeleing for longer :smiley:

Should just come back down of its own accord if you keep feeding the power in … A gentle rub of rear brake if its going to high rather than snapping the throttle shut .

forgot about using the rear brake.