Genesis Reforming


Seems fashionable at the moment!

Phil Collins has NEVER been categorised as fashionable before. Interesting.

I meant the whole reforming thing.

Phil collins rocks!

such madness.

Hands off Genesis, top band…

for old folk like me


It’s easy on the old ears and they dont have a mosh pit!!

Although a moshpit at a Genesis concert would be rather funny

Be more like a slush pit

they’d need stairlifts in the venue, for fans and band alike.

A moshpit with zimmerframes and wheelchairs.

A bit like Robot Wars, I suppose

i’d pay money to see that.

only if genesis weren’t there though.

Well at least there are still 3 of 'em left (minus Peter Gabriel who is not interested) but then, what about THE WHO? I mean there’s only Roger Daultry and Pete Townsend left, and 2 unknown session men, playing drums and bass, to me John Entwistle (the bass player) was the pivot man in that band and without his signature sound they are worth nothing no more. Just my opinion.

the Who were quite good first time round though.

Yes that’s cause Entwistle was still alive.

Yeah, no doubt about that. Incredible bassist…