Gen II Hayabusa Brakes

Hi guys

Ive recently got myself a B-King to go with the Busa.
After spending a couple of weeks running the new toy in, i decided to take the ol girl out and make the most the recent good weather…
I honestly could not believe the difference in the brakes, whilst the B-King probably has the best standard brakes ive ever experienced, the Busa’s felt weak, faded, and sloppy, really sloppy.

So to cut to the chase ive decided to upgrade the Busa’s brakes.
I was wondering if anyone had already done this and what the results were.

Ive been told a master cylinder upgrade will be the first thing to try.


how do you find the bking ,:slight_smile:

I love it…the looks take a little getting used to, and the wind once over a ton can be a tad harsh on the neck, but once used to the wideness of it, the ride comfort is second to none, and the fact it will out drag my pals K7 Gixxer thou will always put a smile on my face.

Have to admit im thinking about a small screen though to help with the wind protection.

i think he was asking about his bike not about himself :stuck_out_tongue:

has it got braided hoses? if not thats your first upgrade i reckon.

Bendix road/race pads they even make the Gen1 busa a better stopper.

Yeah the master cylinder has to go, I got a brembo on mine, braded lines and the bendix pads. Stops on the button now!