Gel/air seats

The seat on my beemer R850R is a bit hard and after about hour and a half gets a bit uncomfortable and I was wondering whether a gel pad or similar (Airhawk?) would help.

Do any LBers have any experience of these and would they recommend them ?


I bought a Ducati performance gel seat this summer and has the best mod I’ve made. Was in the saddle for up to 14hrs a day for a week and still didn’t get a numb bum. Best investment ever but can’t speak of the hawk seat.

Same here with the triumph one…

which ones are best? I need one for the Russia trip but have no idea where to start looking!


but are they worth £200?!

Seems that the Gel seat is the winner. However there are plenty of companies who will re do your seat for you I have a Corbin seat on my duke and a repadded seat on my Africa Twin. Although the seat on the AT is very good the corbin wins hands down in comfort. If you’re going to do the miles it’s better to spend the money. Npot sure about the airhawk but an add on cushion seems a bit fiddly…

A piece of sheepskin is supposed to be the most comfortable, however I have ordered a Corbin because I don’t think there would be an end to the sheep jokes…

Yer, gel is the best. TBH you’re not going to get even a retro fit for less. Try someone like Spares Shack to see if they can get you a deal on one.

Viking Vynils / Lee on 07977 874075

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I used them for a seat recover sometime back, see name and shame forum !!

i keep meaning to get a gel seat for my push bike