hey all

been practising wheelies a bit lately…im getting there…

i been thinking about changing the sprocket size so i might not have to clutch it up?

i have no real idea about sizes or numbers of teeth on sprockets, do i change the front or rear?? and by how much? less more??

any advice appreciated.

cheers! R46:D

just change the engine from 645cc to 996cc and you’re all set:D

Good answer :stuck_out_tongue:



Think ive got some spare road sprockets somewhere.

Road standard is 15 (front) 44 (rear). The front is a beeyatch to change (you might loose your balls - literally!)… and changing the front has a more dramatic effect: 1 tooth down on the front is worth three up on the rear. But you might like a 46…

Still, I have a renthal 45 and 46 and all the changing equipment if you should wish to venture up our way for a PS2 evening beating Toseland’s ass or sommat :wink: To you - theyre FREE :slight_smile: x

bit cheaper than chopping in for that Rizla rep thou :stuck_out_tongue:

will do mate, bit nervous trying it around peeps tho, been practicing a bit on my own, and away from the lights;)

love you gabs! :kiss:

i think we shall have to have a ps2 evening! i bring tourist trophy…its teh ******! and i have an 05 black ZX10 on it:D

ah so front is sprocket is the way to go?..never thought of teh rear being 46:D hmmmm soon to be KD AND Wheelie nutter:cool: