Gear indicator opinions please

It seems that I have at some point in the last few weeks (on eBay) bought a gear indicator… Heavens knows why! :ermm:

But now I have it, it seems a waste not to use it and it was cheap! Although its probably crap…

But I just want a few opinions on it,


I’ve had a look at gear indicators online and they seem to have some good reviews, apart from them being a little delayed.

Any opinions welcome. I know it looks crap but il probably give it to the engineers at college to make a box/unit for it.

If anyone can elaborate the wiring into something a little easier to understand I’d appreciate that too.

Everyone’s quiet today…

I quite fancy one of those myself. Did it come with a wiring diagram?

No, lol…
That’s my problem, the only wiring info I have is what’s on the eBay listing…

The unit is tiny!

Hmm. Power, earth, speedo, tacho, neutral light, that’s five wires…
Rob might know

Which rob?
I still debating if I should fit it or not… Gonna take it to the engineers on thurs/Friday see what they can make of it. If they can make it look pretty (with some sort of mounting point) il probably attempt to fit it.
Otherwise it’ll get lost in the shed somewhere

I’m wondering if Numnum has had any dealings with this sort of electrickery. I’m convinced there should be a guide floating around on line…

I did see one but it was for 5 wires so I brushed it off and came here.

Wouldnt really bother have a gear indicator on mine (factory fit) and I very rarely look at it

I just want it so I don’t keep searching for a gear that isn’t there

im sure theres some sort of controller that would go into with chips and sorts

i want a fuel gage on my bike, geares arent an issue


If you take a look at an other of his auctions it will become clear on what else that may be needed.


You have bought a unit that is to replace a factory fitted but faulty unit … the other link is an aftermarket arrangment … Wires for power … and then a sensor at each side of that metel bar with a magnet on it . Easy enough . Its just 2 switches that tells you when you move the gear shift . I dont actually work off the gears only the lever and I have a feeling it will easily and quickly get confused if you shifted gear at anytime you had the ignition off like moving it around or parking on a hill or something .

@ RArch and NUMNUM

Good points… I think il bung it in the shed… :slight_smile:


I have a Datatool fitted to my 600RR. Works really well. Displays the correct gear as soon as the clutch is engaged. It also looks so smart it could be OEM and has a light dependent resistor (LDR for all you GCSE Physicists) which adjusts the brightness depending on the ambient light. I had it fitted by Chiswick Honda so I’ve no clue about the wiring.

Gears are for nobbers.

You riding pillion with kishan? :hehe:

“As long as your motorcycle has an electronic speedometer and an electronic tachometer (rev counter) you’ll always know which gear your bike is in with a single glance.”

Would there not be a way to wire it up?