Gear For Wet Trackdays

I’m booked on the Brands day on the 30th and it looks like it’s gonna be a wet one:ermm:

What’s the best gear to wear for wet trackdays? As I’m riding to Brands I’ll probably just use my waterproof winter jacket with the lining taken out and wear it over my leathers along with a pair of waterproof overtrousers. Will this be ok for on the track?
I don’t want to spend a fortune on wet weather gear as I don’t imagine I’ll be doing a huge amout of wet trackdays.

Any suggestions?

So long as you’ve got leathers underneath you’ll be ok. I really don’t like waterproof trousers on a track, so I sometimes put gaffer tape round the tops of my boots onto the leathers. It stops the worst of the water getting in. If you run on race wets you will get your knee down & that might a mess of your trousers!!!:w00t:

Getting my knee down won’t be a problem…I can’t even manage it an a dry track:D

ditto on the waterproofs - a good waterproof top for over the leathers makes a big difference to your day. dont like the waterproof trousers either - they’re restrictive which is fine for normal road riding but not for track really - depends what you have.

its about staying as dry and warm as you can so the following are a good idea

surgical gloves (halfords do good ones) - you can stick 'em on under your gloves to keep your hands drier and warmer

glass cleaning cloth - you’ll want your visor dry and clear before you go out each session (and dont be tempted to flip up the visor whilst youre waiting in pitlane

pinlock/fog city insert - again, you’ll be breathing heavily and the condensation/cold air can be unhelpful in terms of vision so pretty worthwhile. the prob is if its bright light race visors dont have the pins

personally also take loads of socks so i’m not stood the entire day with my feet in puddles in my boots! :smiley:

in the main tho, its not that big a deal at somewhere like brands :slight_smile:

Last time i tried a wet trackday i used waterproof bottoms and top next time im only using the top." as said very restrictive and slippery whilst trying to grip the tank with your knees. Great tip extra socks and sugical gloves to thanks

I wore these under my leathers at Silverstone during the day we had a months rain in 4 hours.

Although my leathers were wet, the inner shell kept me warm and dry, the only moisture was around the cuffs as I was wearing short gloves.

Allows your leathers to work gripping the bike and no damage to your knees if you can get your knee down.

Bloody good in cold dry weather too as they act as a complete wind stopper.

Cheers Guys, might have to do some shopping this weekend :slight_smile:

Ive done shopping bags inside my boots? and the surgical gloves thing…

Pin lock or simlar in ya visor is worth every penny… Spare gloves if ya got em …

One piece water proofs are a bad idea!! you’ll probably slide about 62 miles if you come off… lol :wink:

me @ cadwell some years ago, in one piece, felt like a jousting knight! only did it for a few laps, couldnt bloody move!



+1 on the innershell too, adds no bulk but defo helps with heat. even if it gets wet it dries quick too

cheaper alternative motocross rain jackets Fox (Fluid Jacket Clear) do a good one, go XL or XXL, they’re on ebay