Hello all im a south Londoner , whos still learning to ride , i have a suzuki GS 500. Im currently Living in Brisbane and learning to ride over here, nearly through my lessons, they hard here , they though here. I am coming back to live in UK after 13 years out here in OZ. I have wanted to be a biker for decades, or Bikie as they call it out here. it has been my ambition to do that. I am now on the cusp of going out on my own and riding on my own. I am so excited, and nervous. Im doing it for me , and for my lovely sister who passed away from cancer 2 years ago, this is also for u sharon. thats whats pushing me forward on the difficult lesson, like this week, where i nearly came a cropper and went airborne, and landed the bike upright , oops. :DWanting to make biker mates , so i can go for ride outs when im back in London, and get a bike when im back :slight_smile:

hope to hear from ya all :slight_smile: David

G’day David, and welcome to LB.

GS500 eh? Call that a bike, this is a bike (pulls out GSF1250). Sorry couldn’t resist the Crocodile Dundee joke there.

When you return you should have ample opportunity to meet up with LB members - newbie night at the Ace Cafe Monday nights, general meet-up on Wednesday nights a Borough Market, at least one rideout planned pretty well every weekend throughout the year. Look forward to meeting you, and I hope your winter isn’t too bad (unlike ours)…

hi eezzyridea, aww im only a newbie , ill get up to a bikker bike one day :slight_smile: oh i love the ace , have the film the leather boys too :slight_smile: im so looking forward to coming back an biking in London, and Uk. I am nearly finished my training here , i can ride up to 650cc if i want to as a learner , restricted power, but u have to ride on the road accopanied with a rider in a car or on a bike with full bike licence till i finish this part of the training then in a year i can go for an open licence test. Its also different in different states , mad, its bloody cold here today :frowning:

Hi and welcome aboard.

hi john, nice bike, good that u all meet at borough market, i love borough market!

Hi welcome to LB, :smiley:

thanks blackbirdxx

Hello and welcome!!

Hi David and welcome to LB