hey everyone,
im a student on a gap year in australia at the mo, and somewhere, somehow got bitten by the bike bug. im now learning and looking to buy a bunky GPX. im on a forum here called perthriders.com, everyone meets up about three times a week to ride around aimlessly (due to deniyal of my own interest, ive been pillion for four months)
im coming back in september to go to uni, really just wanted to check out the biking scene for when i come back, because i didnt notice many bikes around where i live…are there regular rides and meet ups and stuff? ill be based around either croydon or canterbury depending on uni.
i also cannot imagine what riding is like in the english weather! and on a serious note…i also cant imagine leaving my bike parked in the street and feeling like its gona still be there when i get back- are there a lot of bike thefts and so on?
oops! didnt mean to write an essay!
thanks for any info
tara x

Welcome to LB, we have regular meets in london & go on quite a few rideouts, bet its good riding conditions out there?? Oh and speak to CharleyBR600RR about security when you get back!!

Welcome Aboard !!

its an awesome place to ride. the sun doesnt set until 8.30, and there are lots of coast rides and long wide roads good for hooning! not that we speed…cos thats illegal.

Welcome to LB - you’ll find plenty to keep you busy when you get here

Welcome to LB - there are plenty of rides and meets to keep you busy here!!!

As for security, get as much of it as you can. As somebody mentioned, Charlie can hook you up with security devices.

I’d love to live in Australia - must be wicked for riding

Welcome to LB Luveee.

I have family out in perth too and miss them all the time - so may be when I am over there next I can look perthriders up.

Welcome to LB…what uni are u planing on going to?? Im just about to graduate from bristol and move back to london and will prob be doing some travelling prior to starting the rat race!

Gday mate and welcome aboard, just sit yourself down and open a tinny and i`ll throw another shrimp on the barbie.

Welcome Sheila!

I mean Tara

Enjoy the site mate


im going to canterbury christ church, so only an hour or so away from london.
and you should totally look up PR if you come to perth! theyre all so friendly and welcoming, a real mix of people. they do country runs, girls only runs, hoons, cruises, and learner friendly.
thanks for all the welcomes!

Hello! Perth I’ve heard is lovely…

Welcome to LB

G’day, where’s the cheese

…the chesse??!


and i dont actually have many barbies, cos all the family im visiting are chinese

they do cook shrimp tho lol

lol … nevermind … it didn’t occurr to me that you’re only visiting and might not get it until after I hit post. (Its from an old cooking show with Peter Russell Clark … ‘Come and Get It’)