After meeting a couple of riders from the site - they pointed me here. Used to have an SV and have recently upgraded… to my new baby below.

Drinks on me - look forward to meeting up in the City. Am SWLondon.



Hey Grant, welcome to LB! Nice ride you have there! Come along to Cubana next week! Details in General Chat forum.

Well at least it’s a twin and Italian…

Seriously though, nice bike and welcome.

Where in SW London are you? I’m out in deepest, darkest Twickenham.

Thanks - am out in Egham - more West than South. Look forward to getting into the city on Wednesdays though.

Aha, you turned up then ??

Guys let me tell you that as Tuono go, that one’s a cracker. I had Grant for company on the way to Shrewsbury, to meet a few people and do a rideout, last weekend.

Glad you got back safe mat, 450 miles plus is a bit much for one day


Welcome to LB Gmonsta really nice ride

poke poke watch out for AJ

That bike just makes me drule looking at it.

Welcome to LB. Lovely bike that, was contemplating one of those for the next ride, still not made my mind up though.

Welcome to LB mate

Hi there

Welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick



Aye - didnt take long… Was a great ride up and out on the day. Glad i stayed overnight as i was had it. Hitched a top ride back with TSM and the london crew next day. See you in the city one evening!

welcome to the site

Hello mate, and welcome… … Thats what i like to see another Aprilia head… Lovely Bike…

Hope to see you down cubana’s…