Just wanted to say happy xmas to all you guys we left in london, hope ya all wrappin up warm and cleaning the bikes for the summer.

Nice here in oz, hot but nice…



hope all is well and for those of ya still riding in the ****e weather have had no accidents.

till then


Hey there fella, welcome to LB! Would love to experience some of that Oz weather right about now, it’s pretty bloody cold. 0c at the moment, chilly! I bet it’s great riding weather out there huh?

Hi over there!

Welcome to LB, gawd knows why you’re here but make yourself at home. Word to the wise, don’t mention the temp, the wide open roads, the scenary, the girls, the beaches, etc… for a wee while. We have non of these things at the present time

Hi, welcome to LB! Bet you are warm over there eh? Ride safe

Hello and welcome. Good to see your enjoying it there.

Gus at ace says hello!

Hey andy your definately looking in wrong places i will have to take you and a few other single guys out on the weekend and c if i can change your mind

Can a married one go with you guys?? Only watching

G’day fugleyuk,

Welcome to LB.

Tell me about the weather out there, just come back from Melbourne and it was lovely.

Could not beleve how quiet the bike seen was out ther though with all that lovely weather and roads, will have to fly the bike out there next time and terrorise the locals.