Gazebo 😮


Not wanting to open old wounds but… Does anyone know of a gazebo that packs down relatively small?

All the ones I see, regardless if 3x3m or 2x2m need a length of 125cm.

And my storage box has maximum 110 I think.

Ideally with side walls but that doesn’t concern me that much. Just toying with idea for now

Fully expect that if there’s only one on eBay someone on here will snap it up before telling me :laughing:


Sounds like you need to buy a tent, I don’t think gazebo poles are any shorter than what you’ve found


Gonna need a bigger box


Jay has a gazebo, or did he pass it to someone for safekeeping…? :open_mouth:


Sadly a tent won’t cut it for what I need.

I thought it might need a bigger box. Sadly the need for a gazebo does not warrant this.

I guess it’s a non starter. Worth a shot anyway :slight_smile:

As for jay’s gazebo, I’m staying as far away as that as I can… :slight_smile:


Have you had a look at event shelters, such as the ones from Coleman. They’re not cheap, and you can purchase sidewalls separately. You should be able to get them in your storage box.


Not a bad idea…from quick look only one that will fit patio, but will investigate


search utility tents

For size see

you can always modify it … ie loose the floor …