Gazebo free to a good home....

Gotcha. I’m just bored at work.

Don’t start that again :joy::joy::joy:




Undoubtedly the start of the demise of LB.   That, and the splitters who started using the warmth of the bike shed instead of standing next to a closed market in the cold.  

Was it not the case LB started congregating at Borough Market because someone worked next door and hyped it

Fiik NT. But they should defo vary meetups imho. Bungalow would be a good start I reckon :slight_smile:

I think you’ll find if was the noise/fun police, then the Blackheath splitters.
As for the Bungalow, that’s not even in London!!

No reason, come the summer, why people couldn’t ride out on a few Wednesdays though. Poole harbour, Brighton, Bentley could all be worth heading too…

I’m account to move into a bungalow, bike meet at mine?