Gaz down......

Going around the A244/A3 roundabout towards Esher this afternoon when a BMW M3 decided to take the slip road for the A3 and cut straight in front of me…left me with no choice but to try and take the slip road too but unfortunately I couldn’t make it and so my rear wheel clipped the kerb and threw my off and into a fence.

Luckily I’m OK apart from a sore shin, knee and thigh and a bit of a graze/scratch on my neck where my jacket ended and helmet started.

As for damage, my helmet is a write off but my Rev’It! leathers and gloves are virtually unscathed as are my Sidi boots…lots and lots to be said for the quality of my kit.

The bike has a broken screen, smashed front mudguard, mangled rearset, scratched tank and my front wheel/handlebars don’t line up anymore…

But hey, I’m OK so thats all that matters really

oh dude! glad you got off lightly, bike sounds repairable?

:pinch: Sorry to hear about your off. Bike doesn’t sound to good. Hope your not to bashed up sounds like you are gonna be sore tomorrow. I hope the idiot in the BMW stopped to help.

Yeah I hope so…as long as the twisted steering isn’t too much of a job…

sorry to hear about your off gaz. your bike was looking mighty fine the other night! maybe time for a blade?

You probably won’t be suprised to hear that the BMW did one!!! In fact I was lay in the road for about 30 secs before someone stopped…even 2 courier bikes went straight past me!

Nobody got the details either so looks like it’s gonna sting my pocket

Cheers mate but I think I want mine back…either that or I go for a 999/749

Holy cow mate, glad to see your alright, but typical fecking Bemmer driver.

It could have been a lot worse gaz mate - lucky you didn’t hit anything hard and immovable like a lampost. Glad to hear your ok mate and that it wasn’t more serious. Sorry about the bike - that is a bummer - but it sounds like it can be repaired.

Sorry to hear that :pinch:

Arrggh sorry to hear it fella, what a fkn bummer :crazy:
Main thing is that YOU are in one piece.

I was lucky indeed…another 2 or 3 meters and there is a lamppost and a few trees

Glad you’re ok mate!

oh no!! sorry to hear this, at least you are ok, and the bike sounds okish…

999 it is then:D you can join us on the v-twin rides then!

The thought did cross my mind :w00t:

:pinch: oh noes!

Did the dude stop?

Glad your ok mate, hope the beemer driver gets what he deserves.

Gazhurst mate - am so sorry to hear that :frowning: hope you okay, glad you didn’t come off worse.

The number of idiots on the roads never seems to reduce, glad you’re OK.