Gatso reinstalled a3 roehampton

The box where lanes go from 3 to 2 Surrey bound just before roehampton asda was taken out a week or so ago. Just rode past and it’s being put back in a slightly different position with road markings being repainted overnight…

Good spot, thanks.

I may have got in the habit of not being as careful on the throttle as I should be down there.

I just know I’m going to get what’s coming to me one day- for months now all the cameras on Kingston hill going towards the a3 have been out, I just know they are going to be reinstalled during a few days off or something…
Update now the camera from roehampton lane just before the underpass towards Wandsworth has been removed, presumable will reappear again soon

It was back this morning, I think the only old ones left on the A3 on my commute are northbound near New Malden Tesco and just before it goes to a single lane coming into wandsworth