GATSO rage, Swiss style

An enraged Swiss driver has smashed a speed camera off its mountings with a pick-axe after the Gatso snapped him doing 50mph in a 30mph zone in the Swiss alpine village of La Punt Chamues-ch.

Not satified with that, he then ran the offending camera over with his car, drove it up a mountain and chucked it off a cliff, in the process successfully destroying both Gatso and film, Ananova reports.

Sadly, low-tech coppers at the scene - using the good old Mark 1 eyeball - clocked the high-altitude vigilante as he dispatched the camera into the void, and he now faces a fine of up to £13k for destruction of public property

All GATSOs should be treated this way … they are scourge!!!

Hahaha! Brave man! definitely bave but sure not very clever!

I am constantly amazed that they (GATSOs) are even there to begin with. I can’t imagine such a thing here…An absolutely INTOLERABLE breach of privacy…and while we’re on the subject of intolerable breaches of privacy, they can hang every one of their CCTVs out of their arse too.

I thought the gangs that used to go around starting tyre fires on gatsos, those are always glorious to see…

I feel things are just gonna keep getting worse