Hi all, thanks for letting me join your ride to the Ogri cafe today. The least I could do was join the forum.

Will add a suitable photo of the Bandit but at the moment I’m having to access the web on other PCs as I managed to kill mine. Good job I’ve given up doing maintenance work on my bike, or that might go the same way.

Hello and welcome 2 LB

Hi and welcome aborad.

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Welcome to London bikers, can you tell me where the Ogri cafe is?.

At box Hill today, very busy, Mr Ryka must have sold a million burgers and an ocean of tea.

Hello :slight_smile:


This is what used to be the Ogri Cafe, is now Wessons:

If LB’ers went there, it’s 3 miles from my front door - but I guess that’s not much of a ride out for me!

PS: Welcome to LB!


Welcome fellow Banditeer :smiley:

hello and welcome


Welcome :slight_smile:

I like their burgers :cool: