Gastro Rideout

I know this was mooted a while ago, but would anyone be interested in a gastro rideout to a good gastro pub, perhaps in the Cotswolds?

Recommendations warmly welcomed :slight_smile:

What day of the week were you thinking of going?

Good question.

Perhaps 19 or 20 July. How does that suit?

Afraid we will be riding a sports bike through Norway that weekend:)

Why don’t you come to my gastro pub? Great food, although only 15mins from the Ace Cafe!

hello stranger :kiss: I could be tempted with this, just need to check the diary tomorrow and I will let you know x

I would be very interested but only if there was a b+b close by, you gotta have some good wine with good food :slight_smile:

+1 :smiley:

I like both ideas . . . what kind of food do you serve ? Where’s the pub ?

oh look foods mentioned and he’s straight in there lmao :)still +1 on the question :smiley:

ok so its 19th july [sat],b+b/cheap hotel nearby, poss cotswolds . leisurely ride back on sunday:)

If that fits in with what you wuz thinking i’m in ,and quite willing to have a look around for a venue and acc;:slight_smile:

That’s not fair!, I won’t be able to come, as i’ll have to work.

But anyways,

My pub is just off the uxbridge road, down the A40 from the Ace.,-0.275517&sspn=0.037376,0.075188&ie=UTF8&ll=51.521775,-0.264359&spn=0.037384,0.075188&z=14

We serve anything from home made burgers to peking rabbit, swordfish, shark, etc, all good and reasonably priced.

Plus we have a BBQ on every single sunday, 1pm - 6pm

Plus we’re a gastro, so our menu changes everyday, if not twice a day, so you’ll never get bored.

**Could always arrange an LB discount if enough people come down. ** :smiley:

was near there today but I went towards ealing broadway then to uxbrige on 4020 in truck today :slight_smile: will be at greenford 2moro lol

sounds interesting, could be involved…

stay away from Stroud though.

Right chaps. I’m thinking the Fox Inn at Lower Oddington, near Burford for lunch or dinner Whatcha think?

Some stonking roads around that way too.

They have a couple of rooms, but we might need to find somewhere larger and more reasonably priced. Perhaps more over towards Royal Glos or Cirencester way (where Wills and Harry ride don’t you know) for a few hearty dinner and a few jars.

Cirencester…bit too close to Stroud for my liking heheh

won’t bore you with the details but if i never see that part of the Cotswold ever again then that would be too soon and so for that i’m afraid I’M OUT


sounds tasty, have you decided on a day yet.

where can I meet people, ace??? that’s about the only place I can savely find without getting lost (too often). :w00t:

Stop being a wimp! Sort your life out, get over Stroud and say yes :slight_smile: