Gary Moore R.I.P

Sad to hear Gary Moore died last night.

A talented and versatile guitarist, he was not your usual ‘pin up’ rock star but unassuming and played some wonderful solos with Thin Lizzy and solo stuff.

Not one of my favourite players but saw him once live and he was impressive and reminded me of a less showy Jeff Beck. Equally at home with blues or rock…he was only 58.


Very sad to hear this. Bought his album “Still Got The Blues” back in 1990 as soon as it came out, thought it was fantastic.

RIP Gary Moore :crying:

Sad news indeed, saw him play at the Guildford Civic many moons ago.

Great loss…

“Still got the blues” is one of my favourite pieces…

+1 saw him solo once:crying:

r.i.p. i wonder what he died off?

i saw him few years ago at hammersmith appolo…er i think. he didn’t play a lot of slow songs though :frowning: but he was still brilliant

Suspected heart attack, aged 58, whilst on holiday with his girlfriend on the Costa Del Sol.

Lucky you, Jet…I have never had a chance…

Is A Lost


oh ok, thanks for this info :slight_smile:


Ah, just realised the “John Entwistle-esque” implications of the question…