Garry McCoy on a Ducati

I can’t see that, can you post the url please?

Definately the King of Slide:D

thats what you call push it hard

hard riding grate stuf

How awesome is that?! The guy’s a legend :slight_smile: I wonder if his tyres lasted until the end, hehehe

nitro nori did some naughty ones in his R7 days

but macoy is the daddy-speedway backgroung

The guy must have cost teams loads extra in rubber through the years, entertaining mind you !

Just for you Pete :slight_smile:

From the looks of the video (especially the slow mo), it seems he runs it out to the edge of track like as if he’s trying to run off

Then he applies the magic throttle technique which spins up the rear wheel and sends it stepping out to the right, which gets the bike pointing in the direction you want.

Amazing stuff.

Thanks for the link.

That looks like his rear tyre is shagged and he’s managing it in the only way he knows how, rather than sliding to go faster. He has it loose out of MG hairpin and has to shut-off, looses momentum quite badly.

There’s some great footage of him on the Kawasaki MotoGP bike sideways at Jerez. He was so far behind I think he decided to put on a show for the fans.

The obvious and best example of his riding was the opening 500GP of 2000 at Phakisa - south Africa. He came through from mid pack to win the race, sideways in and out of just about every corner. I think he was one of the first riders to try the 16.5 inch rear.

He went on to win at Estoril and Valencia as well that year. I think the Estoril win was by a large margin. The press interview was quite funny afterwards - He said he could see the gap growing on his pit board and wasn’t sure when to back off a bit as he’d never been in that position before!