Garret celebrates the new bike!

Congrats mate on the new bike its a beaut!!!

and in case anyone missed it here is a pic showing how Garret celebrated the purchase of the KTM!




Tis a very nice bike.

GIS AGO;) :smiley:


It’s a good feeling to have been Tangoed! (It’s not Terry’s, it’s mine! etc)

And I can rejoin []TPR[/color] !

btw you look like karagounis… thats why i picked that photo :stuck_out_tongue:

congrats on the bike mate:) did the mph settings work on the speedo?

Hehe! Thanks I guess. But he’s not gurning enough! :wink:

Sure did! Thanks D!

I’ve worked out the clocks now - there are so many functions!

Just been out on it again - gurn, gurn! :D:D:D
So easy to ride! Everyone should have one!

Yeah, lovely!:w00t:

I tried to borrow a screwdriver at BM to help you get part of those graphics off. Just need some rust then!:cool:

Cheers G.

Actually, I have managed to find a bit of rust! On the fastener of some sort of header clip thing. On no!
I’m just not as hardcore as others (yet).


:wink: yea, yea, okay!

I promise to take some proper ones tomorrow Miss J! :wink:

It’s this one -

That looks Lurvely Garret :cool:

it does, but how long is it going to stay that way… So Garret, when are you doing the BCR with that one??? :slight_smile:

Cheers Tel.

Just went out on it tonight. It’s so much more responsive, light and easy to ride than the other bikes I’ve had.
I haven’t been on it long enough to get pisst off with the tank range yet though! :wink:

Roll on Friday night eh!

Yeh Bring it down the stunt spot :smiley:

The cup is half full Inspecteur!

No BCR for me I’m afraid. I’m not good with mornings and it’s too far for me to get to the starting point.
Surrey action for me instead, most probably.

Hmmm…might try a bit of one wheel only on my own at first! :wink:

Looking good Mr G :smiley:

Don’t forget that it comes with all the necessary accessories

I ment for us :smiley:

Seriously though, if you gona go practising find a mate :smiley: to take take a mate with you, its easy to come off and its not good being on your own hurt :wink:

You’ll be OK, bit of practice ;):stuck_out_tongue:

jus 9000 rev’s n dump the clutch :slight_smile: and it will come up lovely